2018 Desert AIDS Walk

TEAM THRIVE+ Co-Captains Ted Guice, Jill Langham, and Jeff Denean Jones
TEAM THRIVE+ Co-Captains Ted Guice, Jill Langham, and Jeff Denean Jones


Thriving with HIV

On Saturday, October 20 join TEAM THRIVE+ along with over 2,000 walkers and 100 volunteers as we come together from cities across our valley to participate in the 31st annual Desert AIDS Walk.

About HIV + Aging Research Project - Palm Springs (HARP-PS) 

OUR MISSION: To improve the lives of the large and growing population of long-term HIV and AIDS survivors by studying the impacts of long-term HIV disease and its treatments on the natural aging process.

Palm Springs is a thriving retirement community where being LGBT and HIV+ is accepted and understood. It’s thought that Palm Springs has the highest concentration of long-term HIV survivors in the world.

For decades being HIV+ was considered a death sentence. Today, thanks to effective therapy, HIV is considered chronic. HARP – PS seeks to research and understand the medical and emotional factors of how to thrive as long-term survivors of HIV. Surviving a plague is not easy.

Today, more than half of all people living with HIV in the US are over 50, and many are thriving. Research shows that conditions which typically strike HIV- people in their 60s are occurring in HIV+ people in their 40s and 50s. These concerns have brought the issue of aging with HIV to the forefront.
It’s all about collaboration. HARP- PS collaborates with many local HIV service providers to conduct patient-centered, medical and behavioral health research.

For more information about HARP-PS: www.harp-ps.org.       

Meet Our Captains

Ted Guice Ted is a personal fitness trainer and keeping folks fit and healthy for over 25 years. Living and thriving with HIV since 1980, Ted donates his time and services regularly to fund raisers for the HIV/AIDS community. Living in Palm Springs since 2006, Ted calls World Gym PS home. His focus is Health, fitness and well-being for the over 50 crowd and the HIV community.

Jill Langham As a former nurse of 20 years specialized in Chemical Dependence and currently as a personal trainer for 18 years working mostly with gay men, I’ve seen every level of health and illness related to HIV. It is critical that we continue to thrive, educate and eradicate this epidemic once and for all. Your help is needed. Please join me by registering for our HARP-PS, AIDS Walk team.

Jeff Denean Jones Since being diagnosed in 2007, Jeff has thrived over the last decade working in the field of HIV service as a staff member of one of the largest, most comprehensive AIDS Service Organizations (ASO), Desert AIDS Project, as well as contract work for California’s Office of AIDS ARIES Program. In addition, Jeff volunteers several hours a year to local non-profits whose missions are to improve the quality of life for our community. 

Everyone is Welcome!

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