Frequently Asked Questions 

How do I register for Desert AIDS Walk online?

Go to the Desert AIDS Walk home page by clicking event home at the top of this page - and then select the button that corresponds to how you would like to register - Join as an individual, Join a Team, or Form a Team.  When prompted, create a username and password.  

How do I create and register my own team?

Click "Event Home" at the top of this page; then select the button that says "Form A Team" and follow the prompts.  

If I registered last year will all my information still be there?

Yes!  If you registered in 2016 you will be able to use your previous username and password.  When you click on Register just login.  If you have forgotten your 2016 information click on the email me my login information. Follow instructions to reset your password.  If these attempts fail, please contact Chris Wyant at 760-656-8443 to manually reset your password.

How can my friends and family donate to my page?

Your donors can visit and select "Search For Participant" - a list will appear, from which they can select your name to donate.  

Make it even easier on your donors by creating a "friendly url" that will go directly to your personal page. To do this, login to your participant center and select "edit url setting", type in a friendly url for your page for example, (  Give this to friends and family so they will be automatically directed to your page to give! Cut and paste it into emails, or post it on Facebook and/or Twitter!

What is a Matching Gift?

A matching gift is a donation made by a corporation or foundation on behalf of an employee.  The donation matches the contribution made by that employee to a nonprofit organization.  Encourage every walker on your team and your donors to check their company's matching gift policy, so that you can raise the maximum amount of donations.  Matching gifts are an easy way to double your fundraising dollars by just filling out a matching gift request.

How can I see who has donated to me?

Login to and visit your Participant Center. Select the tab labeled "Progress".  At the bottom of this page, you will see your donor list.

Why aren't all my donors displayed on the "Honor Roll"?

Some donors wish to remain anonymous.  Donors have the option to select whether or not they would like their name shown on the Honor Roll scroll at the time of their donation.  To see your full report of donors, plese visit your Participation Center and select the "Progress" tab.  

What should I do with my donations if someone is paying by cash or check?

To ensure that each donation is attributed to your fundraising efforts, please clearly mark the Walker or Team name under which the donation should be included. Please bring it to Desert AIDS Project at or mail to 

Desert AIDS Project

Attn: AIDS Walk Team

1695 N. Sunrise Way

Palm Springs, CA  92262


If your question is not reflected above contact us at for the answer!






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