FUNdraising Tips!

Set up your Desert AIDS Walk fundraising page at Once you have your page set up you can begin fundraising!  

Use your page's participant center to send emails and track your progress. Send emails to all your contacts by downloading your address book to the participant center.   

Click here for Fundraising Tools  where you will find materials to help you fundraise!

Use Social Media!  Use Facebook, Twitter and/or Instagram to promote your participation.  Log out of your participant center and go directly to your donation page to do this.  You can't share from your participant center. Once you are on your donation page, scroll to the bottom and on the right hand side you will see the share icons.  Click the appropriate share icon and the link will be shared on social media. Do this every week!  

Tell your story from the heart  Tell everyone why this is so important to you and why it should be important to them.  When you tell a story with feeling, your friends, family and coworkers will be able to connect through your story, making it hard to say no.  

Let everyone know you are walking!  Post the flyer at your desk!  Always check your office policy before doing this!

Advertise while you walk:  Ask local companies to sponsor your efforts and in return you will give them a logo or name representation on a t-shirt you wear at the Desert AIDS Walk.

Ask for amounts that are easy to give.  Click and print the Hope Campaign Form and ask people to buy a square.  No square is worth more than $100 and if you sell all the squares you will have raised $600!

Spare Change.  Ask your favorite neighborhood business to put out a jar for donations of spare change.  Decorate your jar so that it grabs attention.  Be creative!  Red ribbons, quotes and pictures work well!

Birthday: In lieu of a gift for your birthday, ask your friends and family to make a donation.

Benefit night at a local restaurant: Check in with your favorite local hangouts. Many restaurants already have programs in place to help you fundraise at their establishment. Be a guest bartender? A guest griller? Or hand out coupons to their establishment for a percentage of profits for that evening.

Garage sale: Ask all of your friends and neighbors to participate by donating items for sale. Make signs that indicate all proceeds are being donated to Desert AIDS Walk. Ask your local paper to run an ad as their contribution. Add a bake sale and/or lemonade stand, and have a donation jar visibly displayed. Don't forget to have plenty of donation forms on hand!

Car wash: Hold a car wash — in your neighborhood, at your place of business, or any lot that allows you to use their space for free. Ask local businesses to donate the supplies you will need and ask your friends to help wash. Add a bake sale; sell chilled bottles of water (that have been donated). If you have enough help, consider adding a dog wash!

House party: Host a fundraising party at your home for friends, family, co-workers, neighbors. Hand out Desert AIDS Walk stickers and pins as party favors and share a little about why you support Desert AIDS Project and what we do in the community.

Movie viewing party: Host a movie party at your house. Every time the word "walk" is said in the movie, everyone antes up $1 in a donation bowl. Have pizza donated and ask for a suggested donation at the door.

Themed dinner: Hold a themed dinner party for at least 10 of your friends and ask them to donate $50 each. Spend just $20 per person on food and you've raised $300 in donations. If you can find a sponsor to donate the food, even better!

Game night: Host a game night; Monopoly, Bunko, Scrabble, Poker, Bridge, Bingo. Serve donated food and drinks. Ask for a suggested donation at the door.

Work potluck: Coordinate a potluck at work. Ask all of your co-workers who participate to donate $5 along with their food offering.

Send out a Desert AIDS Walk flyer with your team registration information with your employee's paychecks/stubs weeks in advance.  Put a sign up sheet in the break room with any pictures from last year's event.  You will find a copy of the flyer here Fundraising Tools. 

Leave a group voicemail for all Team Members weekly!  

Start a friendly competition to see which department can get the most people registered and actively raising money!  

Try to get a story about your team on your company's intranet site or company newsletter.

Sell your skills!  Are you a photographer, a cook, a great organizer?  Use your abilities to raise money for your team by offering your services at a price!

JUST ASK!  A person will typically say no 3 times before you get a yes!  Don't be afraid to ask! Always have an offline donation form and donation cards with you to take offline donations or direct someone to your fundraising page!  You never know when you will meet someone who is willing to give!  

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