Click the links below to download tools to assist you in your Desert AIDS Walk Fundraising!

Most of all have fun!

Pledge Form Print this and collect off-line donations wherever you go!  

Fundraising Goal Poster - Print this and hang it up in your office, gym, and at home to keep track of your fundraising progress! Let everyone know how close you are.  When they ask what it is for it will be the perfect chance to tell your story and ask for a donation!

"Join My AIDS Walk Team" Sign Up Form - You can post this at work, school, church or wherever you go and ask people to join your AIDS Walk team.

"Visit My Fundraising Page" Cards - Print these, put your name on them, and give them to everyone you see! 

Donation Cards - Print and sell these cards to your co-workers, friends, people at your church then hang them to let everyone see all the generous support that you've received! 

Desert AIDS Walk Poster - Use this to advertise Desert AIDS Walk and to give people information on the event.  Post it at work, the gym, apartment complex!  If they can't walk maybe they will donate and come enjoy the fun in the park!  

Hope Campaign - Take this everywhere you go!  This is a great conversation starter to explain to people what you are doing and to ask for a donation.  Sell every square and you have raised $600! No square is valued at more than $100!  It's easy to ask for $1 and most people will give you more!

Always check with your Human Resources Office for their rules on fundraising.   

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